Random Thought at the Gas Pump

At least once a week I need to visit the gas station, and most of the time I go to an unmanned one. They are faster than manned stations, and more importantly, cheaper. While standing there, doing what I come for, I almost always get this single random thought.

You know how they work, right? You put your card in the slot, you select the fuel type, they ask for your PIN and if you want a receipt. All pumps in a station have their own number, so they can be identified for different purposes. Let’s assume this time I’m standing at pump number 2. And the last screen on the machine then tells you:

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Key Points for Running a Successful Business

Yesterday I attended a shareholders meeting for a company I invested in. While the tone was rather light, the news was a bit heavy: It looks like the company failed becoming successful, so it will probably either be shut down or even become bankrupt. And that’s a situation no shareholder wants to be in, because it obviously means that all shareholders will have lost the money and time they invested in the company. That’s the downside of investing: one moment there are no clouds in the sky, blue as it should be. And the next moment your money could be gone for ever.

From the meeting however I did learn two key points which are important for running a successful business. Because I don’t want others to get in the same spot I was in, I will share them with you. So get involved in the company you invested in, and make sure they have these points straightened out:

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Steam Summer Sale 2014

It’s that time of the year again: tomorrow is the first day of summer. Which means that yesterday an important “game event” started: the Steam Summer Sale.

For those of you who’ve never heard of Steam: it’s a distribution platform for games, integrated within most of its games, with added social features. And right now they have the summer sale:

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The “Hello world!” cliché

In the programming world it’s common to start the first example with nothing more than a command that prints the text “Hello world!” So what else to pick for WordPress as the title for its default first post on a new install.

Just like Facebook has the annoying “share what you are doing now” command when you open your main page, WordPress tells you exactly what to do in that first post:

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